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The flagship of our product family, ADConnector, is a User Lifecycle Management Application which creates, adopts and manages users in Active Directory through the entire lifecycle.

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ADConnector is flexible, automated, time-saving, easy-to-use and suits all types of organisation areas, structures and size.

Besides our customers in the private sector, a lot of our users of ADConnector come from the Education sector. This, for us, is proof of its efficiency in the complex user environment that is a school– with students, teachers, administrators as well as other constantly fluctuating personnel who either change their classes and subjects or move to different locations. In addition, students and employees sometimes have the same name or change their name due to marriage. The IT staff has to handle all these matters, and many more, on a daily basis. To free their time and let them focus on more important work - let ADConnector do the work for them!

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We can see that ADConnector solves all of these problems, and more... the fast, once-off user configuration reduces the time needed to create and maintain users to a matter of seconds. Since ADConnector uses existing data, changes must only be made in one place and the configuration will ensure the users are updated in Active Directory. One configuration for all users ensures a standardised user environment. Running an automated task minimises the number of errors introduced into the environment. All in all, saving time will help lower the total cost of ownership.

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ADConnector handles the whole lifecycle of a user. With ADConnector you can use one single data source, such as the existing user data from the HR department, and there is no longer any need to communicate changes. Together with the base configuration made by the IT Department this data will be used automatically to create and maintain your users, folders, groups and mail accounts.

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The main point of contact with the entire ADConnector application is the Dashboard. From here, you have access to the Configuration tool. The configuration is made with an easy-to-use wizard-style application, which guides the user through every step of the configuration. The heart of ADConnector is the Core Automation Process. This process creates and manages the users and all the configured objects. The input data (a CSV file, an SQL database or an ODBC connection) can come from almost any management application. The only requirement for the input data is an ID and a name. The data is analysed and handled by the Core Automation Process which provides the output of configured user accounts, including folders, groups and mail.

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ADConnector comes with an easy-to-use configuration tool which, with its wizard based approach, will guide you through all steps needed for your configuration. Each feature of ADConnector can be configured to suit perfectly your organisation's needs and preferences. If several data sources are at your disposal multiple instances can be configured to handle this.

Once ADConnector has been configured and the Core Automation Process is being run, all users in the data source will be created and configured accordingly, as well as new users added to the data source at a later point in time.

Changes to the configuration will update the users next time the Core Automation Process is run for the specific instance.