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ADConnector comes with 4 different modules and 1 extension pack:

  • Base Module
  • Folder Module
  • Group Module
  • Exchange Module
  • Event Extension

Below you can see which features are included in which modules:

   Base  Folder  Groups  Exchange  Events
Creating an OU-structure for the user accounts  X        
Creating user accounts in Active Directory X        
Adopting existing unmanaged user accounts X        
Adding new attributes to existing user accounts X        
Setting passwords based on password profiles X        
Managing double users based on double user profiles X        
Altering existing user accounts X        
Marking user accounts for deletion (deactivation) X        
Deleting user accounts, including their data X        
Reporting changes of any kind by e-mail X        
Replacing specific contents with a different value X        
Filtering text included in the source data X        
Using templates for recurring text or to create user-defined variables not included in the source data X        
Scheduling ADConnector to be run automatically X        
Configuring and running multiple instances X        
Restoring previous configurations X        
Logging (diff. options) X        
User Manuals X        
Instruction Videos X        
Creating folders for each user, including permissions   X      
Moving user folders to another location   X      
Deleting user folders upon deletion of the user object   X      
Creating and deleting groups of any style     X    
Managing group memberships     X    
Creating group folders, including permissions     X    
Moving group folders to another location     X    
Creating mailboxes       X  
Creating mail-users (mail forwarding)       X  
Setting mailbox features (OWA, ActiveSync, ...)       X  
Event handling interface for own commands         X